This page contains our the finalized versions of our field & lab protocols for this project. Our intention is to release each of our protocols in both document & video format. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Many of our protocols are evolving as the project progresses, and we only release here what are absolutely confident in. If you have a question about how we do things, or a suggestion or comment on our methods, please reach us at our contact page.


Sampling Kit Prep Protocol

This protocol outlines our methods for preparing the kits for eDNA water sampling in the field (covered in part one of the written document below).

Water Sampling Kit Prep Protocol


Water sampling for eDNA protocol

This protocol outlines actually collecting water samples (using plastic water bottles) for eDNA.

Water Sampling Field Collection Protocol


Water sample Filtering lab Protocol

This covers our protocol for filtering water samples in preparation for extraction. See our tutorial video at right, or download the protocol below.

Water Sample Filtering Lab Protocol